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Transparent Technology Talent

Building communities of DevOps, SRE and Leadership talent alongside partnering with the worlds most recognised brands, emerging start-ups, high growth scale-ups and steady enterprises with a TRANSPARENT process.

Building communities of DevOps and Functional Programming talent alongside partnering with the worlds most recognised brands, emerging start-ups, high growth scale-ups and steady enterprises with a TRANSPARENT process.


What is DevOps? Over the last 11 years of curating a community of exceptional DevOps Engineers and leaders, we’ve heard a lot of answers to that question and we’re not here to argue which one is right.

We are here to secure the best possible talent for the challenge you have alongside securing the right next step in your career, whether is Lambda on AWS, K8’s on Google Cloud or Openstack in a data centre, we’ve seen (almost) every iteration and have the knowledge and understanding to identify the right hire or the right role, every time.


While SRE isn’t new, it is constantly evolving… A majority of the hiring and roles over the last few years have aligned with the book, there are new approaches popping up in the most unlikely of places.

We’ve been fortunate to secure the best SRE talent for some of the world’s most recognised brands, supporting some of the most used products in the world by identifying the engineers that can solve problems in a fast-moving, intense environment. All while working and communicating effectively with sometimes several teams… It doesn’t matter if you believe its better to be from an operational or engineering background, we can build the right balance in your team or find you the ideal next challange.


Our leadership community has grown organically through the last 6 years as our connections in DevOps progressed through to ranks to Heads of Engineering, Directors of Platforms and the occasional CTO.

As this community has grown we’ve connected with more and more of the best leaders in London and Berlin and are now able to run search and selection effectively across Leadership, C and board level.

Should you be at the stage of your career that a move feels right or need to bolster your leadership capabilities with the right mix of technical capabilities and strategic drive we’re perfectly placed.


If you’re in the market for a new SRE, Techical Leader, or DevOps Engineer, we’re ready to connect you with our established, qualified community of exceptional professionals.
At every stage of the process, you can expect total transparency from our team, no cloak and dagger tactics, no withholding information, no stretching reality, and most importantly, unbiased advice that is consistent and trustworthy.

Engineers & Leaders

We’re focused on finding our DevOps and SRE communities their dream roles with a mix of globally recognised brands, emerging start-ups, high-growth scale-ups, and steady enterprises.
We’ll provide you with a real market overview, salary advice, industry knowledge and talk through the most exciting challenges our clients have to offer if you’re a DevOps Engineer, SRE or Technical Leader considering the market, your next step, or just keeping an eye out for that dream role.

If you’re unsure who would be best to speak to, pop us an email:

Finally, if you want to talk to us straight away, call us:
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