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Transparency is our default setting which may not be the case across the recruitment industry, particularly when it comes to fees.

Below, you’ll see an outline of our fee’s for permanent recruitment in the UK. No sliding scales, no ambiguity. Just Transparency.


16% – £5000 up-front, taken from the final placement fee.

A small upfront commitment of £5,000 allows us to truly focus on searching through our community and delivering the best possible options.

With this retainer, you have access to our entire team, weekly breakdowns of the talent pipeline, detailed role and package analysis, transparent advertising across our socials (if this aligns with the search) and most importantly, full access to our established talent communities.


18% – Flat fee, at any level of seniority or salary. 

We understand not all of our clients have the ability to pay an upfront fee. For those, we offer a traditional contingency model at 18% of first-year salary.

With our contingency package, we offer a truly Transparent approach, unbiased advice and analysis and weekly talent pipeline updates alongside most importantly, access to our established talent communities.  

Lets talk...

Now you understand our fee model, lets talk. We are ready to secure the best talent for your business from our exceptional talent communities.